Floral Tributes and Wreaths . . .

As an additional part of our specialist grave care services we can arrange personal delivery of flowers or a wreath to remember a special date in your loved one's life. These tributes can be in the form of a distinctive splash of colour arranged in the grave memorial vase, a flower arrangement in floral foam in a bowl or basket or one of our personally hand crafted woodland wreaths. Holly wreaths are also available over the winter period and herbal wreaths in summer using natural dried flowers, herbs and leaves. All tributes are individually completed to your requirements.

We will personally deliver to your loved one's final resting place. Delivery can be arranged on most days to acknowledge anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's or Father's Day. Christmas tributes are delivered a day or so before Christmas Day.

Our floral delivery service includes:
  •  placing of floral arrangement or wreath at the grave
  •  washing of memorial vase
  •  general tidying and removal of any dead foliage
  •  a remembrance card with your personal message

Planting . . .

Graves can be planted with seasonal bulbs, such as snowdrops, small daffodils and English bluebells.

Perennials can be added, like hellebores, cyclamen and skimmia in winter or grasses, ferns and bedding plants in summer. A popular and effective choice is an elegant circle wreath of willow, wicker or grapevine placed on the grave with flowering plants such as primroses, cyclamen or summer bedding filling the centre. The choice is wide depending on your personal preference and the size and siting of the grave. We are happy to advise from our extensive horticultural experience.

Memorial Candles . . .

For remembering those special dates a memorial candle can be delivered and lit at the grave side on your behalf in a respectful short ceremony.

The candles burn for approximately three or seven days. A memorial candle can bring a warm glow to your loved one's grave at a special time.